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>> the one over here. only got one working. >> you don't even need to get past the front gate to get an earful of elevator issues. >> go up to the next floor. then i have to push it all the way back down to the first floor. so i could even get out. i was stuck in there. i said lord, please let me get out so i could get to church on time. >> reporter: from slow moving elevators to ones that skip floor. residents tell me, there's always one on the fritz. today it's this one. >> these elevators are breaking down constantly. constantly. it's not one thing, it's another. >> reporter: alexandria complained about the problem for months, and says back in september, both elevators break in one building. leaving elderly, and disabled adults like her stranded in their own buildings. residents just know, going up and down is going from bad to worse. >> we need new elevators in there. every time i say please don't get stuck. >> reporter: they tell me rei placing all the outdated elevators would eat up almost all of their budget of $9 million. so instead, they have prioritized maintenance a
was struck and killed. just last night, a 50-year-old woman was killed crossing at san jose avenue. >> we don't have one factor we can attribute this to. what we can say is at least two of the three we have had over the weekend was caused by improper crossing the street. >> in order, two of the three victims were jaywalking. we saw several instances of jaywalking earlier this year. people darting through traffic, even pushing a stroller. all in a place where the city has improved crosswalks. one confessed jaywalker told us why he does it. >> i'm a grown man. i know how to cross the street. if it's clear, i'll go. i am impatient. i don't want to wait for a light. >> reporter: by all accounts, elisha, his 6-year-old sister and the two teenage who were talking with them -- teenagers who were hit were at the crosswalk. >> a memorial fund has been set up at wells fargo bank for elisha. we will post that on our website at >>> california was on track to have the first high speed rail line in the nation, but it's been far from a smooth ride for the bullet train. now as kpix 5's john ra
in the bay area. you don't do that without having some impact on traffic. >> and they forecast the region willed a another 2 to 300,000 jobs in the next two years, which in addition to increased traffic poses another problem. try convincing someone from say north dakota to move here. >> this is a serious problem. employers here are very concerned about it and what it means for their ability to track the best talent in the region >> for those of us already here, it can be struggle to get anywhere. >> and it is so frustrating. it becomes the wild west out there. people can't get through. >> reporter: in the next couple weeks we are likely to get more evidence of the gridlock. the metropolitan transportation commission is crunching its own numbers looking at key commute corridors. it will be interesting to see what they have to say. ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> kind of a good news/bad news deal. in our survey usa poll we found 71% of people commute to work. an additional 21% commute and work from home. 80% drive their own vehicles. 52% say they like the flexibility and the free dome. more deta
for that phil. >>> the clouds rolling into the bay area as we speak. but don't get too excited. don't expect them to bring too much rain. we're still on track to see one of the driest years on record. chief meteorologist paul deanno shows us when and where we could see sprinkles this week. paul. >> reporter: first name a long time we're talking about kpix 5 high def doppler with rain on it right now. here is the deal it's all sitting offshore. most of that rainfall, as ewe can see, is up to north about due west of eureka. the rain comes from northwest. it will move down here. we will be soggy tomorrow. not so easy because in this particular case, even though that big ridge of high pressure has moved out, it still has an influence on it. big storm with lots of rainfall, but we've got the wrong direction. the rain shifting to the north. it is not moving to the east. so most of us will stay rain free even though the rain is literally knocking on the door just to the west. coming up in weather we will talk about how much rain some of you may receive tomorrow morning. and, we will talk about the
to their trucks. the upgrades are to make trucks "greener" but would cost up to $80,000. many say they don't have the money to cover it. this is the second protest this week. >>> and breaking news out of southern california. police are outside of a store in la crescenta. an armed suspect barricaded himself inside. this all happened at around 4:00 this afternoon. the shopping center and neighboring businesses are being evacuated. we'll keep an eye on this story near los angeles. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >>> here's a live look at the black friday crowds in milpitas. the parking lot at the great mall packed. shoppers have been taking advantage of deals since 8:00 last night. you're better off on foot. kpix 5's brian webb live in emeryville where bay street has been busy all day. >> reporter: oh, yeah, allen. we have seen 40, 50, 60% off signs everywhere sucking in shoppers and it seemed to be working. we have seen busy streets, crowded sidewalks and long lines with shoppers willing to wait for a good deal. at big bag stores like old navy big sales draw big crowds. the goal, separating
. kpix 5 reporter don ford tells us that they are spending months rehabilitating sick golden eagles. >> reporter: this is a golden eagle that was found near brushy peak in the east bay. the california department of fish and wildlife said it was so infested with blood sucking mites that most of its feathers on its legs, its belly and its face were gone. so severe they brought it here to the uc-davis veterinary school's raptor center to save its life. >> little tiny vampires. this bird would not have made it had it not been brought to rehab and it's been here three months. it's probably going to need to be here a few more months before it's going to grow its feathers back out and be able to return to the world. >> reporter: the patient is kept in this special area away from the other birds. after three months of treatment, the bird looks a lot better. feathers are growing back. and its attention to suroundings is returning. this is the first adult golden eagle to ever get these mites. researchers have a lot of questions. do you know how they got on the bird? >> no. we don't. >> report
, tell me, we don't go back to square one with this thing? >> we might. we just might be heading there. >> reporter: bart might make a last move to try to just remove that one part of the package that is so controversial and pass it but if that doesn't happen, we could be back to the beginning. and here's why. take a look. >> there is nowhere to negotiate. >> reporter: even after 8 months of negotiations and two strikes, bart board of directors say that they are ready to reject the very contract offer that they made to the unions saying there is no way that they can accept the six weeks of paid family leave that they say was mistakenly added to the final draft. >> anything that adds cost to the contract i'm not able to vote for at this point. >> reporter: bart and its two biggest unions met this week to go over the cost of the six- week family leave package which depending on which side you talk to could cost any from $1.45 million to $11 million over the course of the contract. and thus drive the total package to over $100 million. >> so you're rolling the dice on this. >> we are. th
every precaution to stay healthy. family worries about what she is about to see. >> i don't think at last anything that can prepare anybody for what we're going to see over there. but you know i have the training. we need to heal them. we need to heal everybody over there and we're in a great position to do that. >> reporter: just a couple of days, more than 2,000 nurses from 50 states and 12 countries have signed up to volunteer through this national network. again, these trips are funded by donations, so if you would like to help, just visit our website, to find out how. back to you. >> thank you, betty yu live at sfo. those nurses are going to be put to work as soon as they get on the ground. in the meantime, we want you to go to work and call us, 1-888-5- helps-u. that's how your donation gets to the red cross. and right now, you have donated a total of $319,212. that is fantastic. about 1800 donors in the bay area, we applaud that. we're not done yet. wendy, you have someone else here? >> yes, state senator leland yee is here to join in our efforts. 30% of th
security secured by handcuffs to the gurney. we don't know if he is the suspected gunman. we also saw two tsa officers transported by ambulance, according to the union that represents tsa officers, one behavior detection officer who was recently transferred from montana died. three others were injured. police are confident the gunman acted alone. randy paige, kpix 5. >> tonight and tomorrow, police and the fbi will be collecting evidence inside terminal 3 at l.a.x. they will need to document everything there how the gunman opened fire, where he went, hundreds of travelers scrambled to get out of the line of fire. one tsa worker confirmed dead tonight. others are injured. they were wounded. stay right here for more with the latest on the investigation coming up at 6:30. >>> all week we have been trying to get to the bottom of google's secret project in the middle of the bay. kpix 5's allen martin joins us now. today you were able to get to the state's top leaders. >> reporter: they didn't have much to say. we are looking for someone who knows what's going on and willing to talk about it. i
as the regional water quality board was concerned. >> without the video, i don't know that we would have ever have known that that activity took place. >> reporter: clay rodgers heads up the state's water quality control board in the central valley. the board found vintage had for 12 days illegally discharged unapproved fluids into the ground. on november 15, vintage production agreed to pay the maximum fine of $60,000. but all that gunk is still in the ground. this is what the property looks like today, carved out of this orchard, that open sludge pit that you saw part of it right underneath me. now, there are five working wells on the property today. and each one of them had one of those open pits. they have all been buried under about three feet of dirt. vintage production declined to be interviewed for the story but in a written statement to kpix 5, it said, it has voluntarily analyzed soil samples and the data indicates compounds have not impacted the soil beneath. but the water board says there will be more testing and if it's determined chemicals ra leaching into the soil vintage will have
. >> i don't want to be too harsh just because people do dumb things. >> reporter: whether or not it was a hate crime, sasha says it was a hateful thing to set someone on fire. he is glad the attack brought awareness. >> i'm going to keep wearing a skirt. that's something that i'm not going to give up. it's a big part of who i am. >> reporter: he is thankful for the ability to express himself and so much more. >> i'm really glad that i could be home for thanksgiving. >> reporter: sasha won'tk riding the bus by himself anytime soon. he will go back to his high school in berkeley on monday. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> now, despite sasha's view on the juvenile suspect many people in the lgbt community want richmond thomas to be tried as an adult. the judge may issue his ruling next month. >>> a smashed up van marks the scene where a violent crime spree in san jose today came to an end after police shot and killed the driver. there are three separate crime scenes in the case involving a high-speed chase, carjacking and several stabbings. kpix 5's mark sayre explains
it's a chip. now i have to wait in line for an hour to cash it and i don't have time. anyway, before today, if somebody from the bay area wanted to gamble at one of these casinos, they would have to go further north. they would have to go to geyserville about 20 miles north and today we sent john ramos up to river rock and we figured first day of the biggest casino in california i'm sure it's going to have an effect. what did you find? >> i found out i don't always think what you expect to find. my story today was supposed to be about the fact of at a casino to have a winner you always have to have a loser. i was going to find the loser. and that was going to be red rocca -- or river rock casino, sorry, because we just assumed they would be losing business because of this. so i found out this casino up in geyserville is -- it's like -- i expected it to be really empty but at that point that's when my story fell apart. the place was jammed. because all the people had gone up there, they all had -- they had come down here and they had a case of gambling fever and nobody was going to go
or sprinklers and think about conservation. >> ying we'll get much out of this storm -- i don't think we'll get much of the storm out of this system to make much of a difference. the amount of rain falling now is going to soak into the ground. we get 70% of our water from rain for the seven reservoirs in the county. >> reporter: reservoirs are not depleted. marin says it's reservoirs are at 95% of average for this time of year but it has been dry. usually they see about 7" of rain by this time of the year. right now they have about an inch. what we have seen is that last year we had such an early, early rainy season that it set us up for what ended up a very dry year. what water managers are hoping this will be a typical year and we'll get the bulk of the storm system in december and january. >> it's not raining there now so you jinxed it. get your hood on because it's going to pour down on you in five minutes. >> reporter: that would be great. >> thank you, an an ann. >>> track the weather on our website, >>> right now protestors are gathered outside a san francisco police st
and no one at their offices in the city's marina district would comment. >> i don't think there's anybody here that's going to want to make a comment. >> reporter: the california apartment owners association told me late this afternoon they will oppose any efforts to change the "ellis act." in the meantime, the coalition is hoping to come up with proposed amendments for the state legislature before sessions begin in january. reporting live in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> a family evicted as part of the "ellis act" has found a place to live. we told you about the li family in september. they lived in an apartment on jackson for more than 34 years before getting forced out. the family has found a new place to live and started moving into that apartment yesterday. >>> some bay area trains will soon be a lot greener as they roll along the tracks. don ford shows us the little device being tested here that could make a big difference for the environment. >> reporter: it's still the most efficient way to move goods across land. the railroad. locomotives are huge, powerful and they run on
. >> reporter: what evil has fallen on gotham city! the cops don't know what to do. officers are driving in circles, confused, scared. >> we need superheros. we need batkid! >> reporter: bad kit is he here in gotham city? is batkid here? can he save her before the bomb goes on? of course, he is batkid. there is nothing he can't do. >> what a relief. i'm so glad that kid was here. >> reporter: but as soon as the damsel is saved there's trouble at the bank, a crowd gathers outside, rumors are wild! the riddler is inside. that thought strikes terror in everyone. >> batkid, where are you! >> reporter: wait, the sirens, is he coming? [ sirens ] >> reporter: while the crowd waits, superheros in training say they'll help that kid! [ laughter ] >> reporter: suddenly, a roar in the crowd, batkid is here! he and batman race inside. >> whoo! >> reporter: downstairs in the vault, the riddler caught redhanded? ! >> in 12 seconds i'll be gone and you two will be trapped here forever! >> great words, but our kid will get you. batkid slams the door on evil! >> ha! >> who tricked the riddler! >> tak
they are looking for an african-american or asian woman. they don't seem to know who their patient was. >> reporter: spalding family attorney doesn't think hospital staff or sheriff's deputies took the situation seriously enough. the doctor told police he was about to discharge spalding when she went missing september 21. >> the physician said but she is very confused and not safe to be on her own. >> to say she wasn't at risk in one sentence and then to say she was confused and shouldn't be by herself, in another sentence, is just to me extraordinary indifference. >> reporter: hospital staff continually asked deputies to search the hospital. when deputies started to search nine days after spalding went missing, it was not thorough enough. the sheriff said the deputies only searched about 50% of the stairwells. >> staff was directed to search stairwells only about half of the stairwells were searched. >> reporter: hospital staff even called emergency dispatch to report a body in stairwell 8. >> the communication center staff responded. >> we'll take care of it. there is no indication that anyone wa
others vague like don't board a crowded train. that term crowded seems a little bit up for debate. >> it's subjective. >> reporter: that's what upsets riders. >> there's not enough room for them on the train. >> if i have enough sense not to get on there myself, what's wrong with them? >> not going to be a lot of room. people are going to get angry. >> reporter: this bike rider admits he gets looks from other commuters. >> same guy. >> reporter: if you are pushing in -- >> having to ask people to move out of the way it's probably too crowded to bring your bike on. >> reporter: most riders do the right thing. many wait for the next train. >> it stinks in the morning but you have to commute. >> reporter: bart will keep tweaking the rules but bikes on the system are here to stay. bart is adding for bike racks in stations. they are making them more visible. they are also adding bike lockers. the goal is to make them more comfortable leaving the bikes at the stations to free up room on the trains. >> why won't bart make a bike- only car? >> reporter: right. like caltrain does except those
answers to have our laws more fresher because technology changes so fast and laws don't. and that's a big problem. >> reporter: what about gps? you're allowed to have it in the car but where you place it is important, either on the driver's left-hand side dashboard or the passengers's side. but you can't put it near that rear view mirror. live in berkeley, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> she plans to fight the ticket in court. >>> a top secret project is under way on treasure island. google has everything to do the with the warming that's being built. as allen martin discovered, the more you ask about the project, the deeper the mystery surrounding it grows. >> it's like hiding in plain sight. it's hard to find anything that's spiking interest more than google's mystery barge. but for the tech giant, the mystery may be the mastery. with? >> knows old doob dc. >> fouling of yowling in this about telecommunications holings you rob of -- is -- >> i don't know anything about it. >> the more we ask about it, the more we ask about the four- story building at treasure island, google itself isn't comment
at this stage of the game. it could be more or less but what we don't know is exactly what it will cost. >> reporter: you don't think $68 billion is an accurate number? >> historically it's not from around the world so you can expect that number to be twice or three times the amount. >> reporter: that's a range of $136 billion to $204 billion. senator desaulnier says if the state can't figure out how to stay close to the budget, the public will lose confidence and not support the bond measures that often go with them. he says that could end up being catastrophic for california's economy. in sacramento, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> and senator desaulnier is hoping that caltrans and the private contractors will cooperate in the ongoing bay bridge hearings. if they don't, he says he will subpoena them to testify. >>> janet napolitano is starting off her tenure as uc president with a bang. today, she told the regents she want to freeze tuition at all 10 campuses. kpix 5's phil matier barrett- jackson down the numbers. >> reporter: it's going to be interest because it's going to take money f
is trying to make the boat work. how much is the voyage going to cost? >> i don't know what i have learned about ships is that it always costs more than you think. but our estimate is about $30,000. >> reporter: for him, it's worth the money for this unique space as the startups try to stay float on board, the boss needing to make sure the space works. that voyage is expected in the next 2 or 3 weeks. there will be a captain and crew on board. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the ship is on a month-to- month lease but both sides are working on longer-term plans. >>> how do you back ought of a deal? that's what bart is trying to figure out after its negotiating team signed off on what they call a mistake. a new union contract with extra paid family leave. kpix 5's phil matier talked to both sides about being in contract limbo four days before what was to be a final vote on the agreement. phil. >> reporter: that's right. it's all about this. it's a section of the contract about family leave saying bart will pay up to six weeks of it for its workers. it was signed by the bart b
. >> at least three times a week. >> reporter: and don't know about the nearby danger. >> it seems that if it was a large threat, i would think that the city would post a sign saying that it was not safe to walk. >> reporter: the only sign here is this "no trespassing" sign there is a barbed wire fence around part of the property. neighbors sap it is still too easy for people to gain access to it. >> reporter: regulators say the level of radiation does not require any signs but they will consider adding some for this woman who says she's dealt with the consequences. they said you would have toe near the landfill for 900 h to be at risk. but they added it's not safe to go on that property. ferocious winds topple trees >> regulators say you would have to be near the landfill for 900 hours to be it's risk, but added it's not safe to be on the property. >>> this giant eucalyptus missed a restaurant by falling away from it. other trees crushed cars, blocked roads, even killed two people. >> reporter: i'm not a big guy, but this large downed tree here makes me look like mini-me! take a l
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